This was a first for me. Hopefully also the last.

I locked my son and I out of my car. WITH THE MOTOR RUNNING,😅

This actually makes it the second time I’ve locked my keys in the car, but the first time with the motor going. It was a good thing I had filled the tank two days prior.  Was at the post office to ship something off and fussing at my son while trying to figure out what to do for dinner 🥘. My son slammed his door shut and looked in and said

” Well, this time I locked the door, but I don’t know what all those lights mean.”

I sighed, frustrated and peered into the car and saw what he was talking about and froze. My hand went to my chain and felt nothing but pocket. I tried my door and it was already locked. I looked through the window at Ethan and he shook his head, “Betcha wish I forgot to lock the door today, huh?”

I reached into my back pocket and was releaved to find my phone recalling how close I was to leaving it at home.

Daddy to the rescue. Not his daddy, mine.

It’s been 8 years since the first time I locked myself out the car. NEVER AGAIN!