Nothing as planned….


Well, the summer is almost over and I have nothing to really show for it. I’ve done a lot of writing and drawing, but nothing has been completed or finished. Money has held the finalization of two of my projects hostage. But on the bright side that means I have time to fine tune my stories and I will see them completed by tax time. ? Doctor visits, Tae Kwon Do classes and two accidents can really throw your plans out of wack. But, I didn’t just sit on my thumbs and whine about it. I did get a lot of inspiration and a lot of writing done. My style of writing has changed a bit, I can even say matured. I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to see what the betas think of them.

Wonderlost 2: Reunions – A Gray Spring (tying up loose ends-book 3 of my Red Summer series) – these are the two main stories I’ve been working on. The shall hopefully be edited and published by April 2019!