2020 suxxors…

This year, for everyone I think, has officially been a horrible year. And we’re not even halfway through this. My birth month was tempered with a bad eczema reaction to the gloves I use at work and the supervisor’s paranoia about my hand having something to do with C19 – for this I was sent home early. The next day, schools were shut down. I’ve been out of work since March 13. Quarantine has been a blessing and a curse. My hands got SOOOO much worse. Blisters appeared, had to take steroids, haven’t been able to do much as the skin began to peel off. Watched the world go nuts, my beloved Uncle died and we can’t say goodbye.

Started with what felt like hundreds of little blisters that eventually merged into larger ones.

I’m not worried about money (for now), unemployment insurance is still a process but I am blessed with loving family and friends. <sigh>
My hands are finally healing, but painfully as the dead skin has hardened and now cracking. Y’all be smart, be safe, and be considerate of others. Too much going on.