Epic Fantasy

This is my epic fantasy! I wanted to create a different story with a combination of ‘coming of age’ and a romantic adventure. Creating my own world and language will always be fun, but I really enjoyed it in this one. Not to mention the fact that despite everything it still came out a lot shorter than the others. I am currently working on the second half of this story. (My mom is waiting for it😜.)

Tirin Desgjin had everything she wanted, but it took being kidnapped to see it. The romance she dreamed about, the acclaim most worked all their lives to achieve, the belonging she’d always wanted, and the magykal talent that she thought would bring it all to her.
The usual rites of adulthood for Tirin’s twentieth birthday bring about more than her uncommon magykal ability: they expose a secret long buried. A secret that forces a cursed elf to face his nightmares, a prince to face his daemons, and a father to face his past. Will Tirin survive all the revelations?

You can find book one on AMAZON for $3.99!