The new concepts…

The new concepts…

After a long time of debating and failed sketching I’ve had a breakthrough! All three cover ideas are done and two are in the process of being done professionally. I’m so excited can’t wait to see what she does with my artwork!

One cover down …!

From sketch to cover

Wonderlost’s new cover is complete! J. Petrenko did a wonderful job taking my sketching and making a beautiful cover.

I’m so happy with the outcome! She really took my drawing into the realm of fantasy. Thank you Wintercoco from Fiverr! Now to come up with the next cover ! 😁







The new cover

After some tinkering I decided on this cover. I’m digging it!😁

I’m determined…

I’m determined…

I REALLY want to be able to revamp my debut book. Red Summer is my baby and it needs a change, but money’s tight and time is too! Here’s some ideas I’m entertaining… while I continue to work on the third book of which I’ve finally decided on a title for. 😄

I’m still working on him, but this is supposed to be Jason.

Rita James, this is the sketch I’m sticking with

Wil. He’s still a work in progress, but he’s getting there.

The start of the silhouette of big bad Bobby. I’m attempting to create a book trailer from my sketches, got a lot more drawing to do!

Playing around with the Paint program on my computer. It came out better than I thought.




I was doing some random cleaning and came across an old beat up box of my stuff. More proof of my issue of hoarding. Old books, jewelry, banana hair clips, and then my old portfolio! A monster of cracking pleather and dust. Proof that I never give up on story ideas. These drawings are dated from 1994 through 1997 🤭

I drew this!

These are a few of my sketches that I wanted to share. Concept ideas for covers or simply ideas to bring my characters to ‘life’. There will be more in the future. I enjoy playing around with my imagination and tend to prefer working in pen and newsprint.