I was doing some random cleaning and came across an old beat up box of my stuff. More proof of my issue of hoarding. Old books, jewelry, banana hair clips, and then my old portfolio! A monster of cracking pleather and dust. Proof that I never give up on story ideas. These drawings are dated from 1994 through 1997 🤭

Lots of new stuff to post on my ETSY page!

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Jumanji (2)

Jumanji (2)


I didn’t really expect too much from the movie originally, but it sure proved me wrong. They were hilarious! And I thought the modernization of the board game was going to be weird but it really worked out. I truly enjoyed myself and was really glad I got to see it. I’m going to be looking to purchase this movie and that’s saying a lot.

I drew this!

These are a few of my sketches that I wanted to share. Concept ideas for covers or simply ideas to bring my characters to ‘life’. There will be more in the future. I enjoy playing around with my imagination and tend to prefer working in pen and newsprint.

I’m making new moves…

I’m making new moves…

I’m sorry about being away from the site for so long, but it’s a new format and I’m still learning how it works. So there’s going to be some mistakes as I get the hang of it.

In other news, I’m excited about the new things I’m going to be doing for my son and the new ideas I have for the next couple books I’m going to be working on!

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