Dark and final…

Dark and final…

Here’s the update on my next few stories!

A Gray Spring 

The third and final installment of my Red Summer trilogy promises to be longer than expected as well as much darker. Bringing a solid close to the adventure and drama for the Red Summer crew and their extended family.   An introduction to a few new characters and a reunion of sorts for some past ones. (I’ll be posting the first two, UNEDITED, chapters here, soon!

The Amulet 

This story has reached a halfway point and is proving to be deeper than anticipated for me. I’m impressed and hope to keep the feel of it throughout the rest of the story. But I’m still not too keen on the opening chapter. But I will be posting the first two chapters of this story as well!

Wonderlost 2: Reunions

A very slow start despite the story being completed in my head. Getting it out and printed is proving difficult as it wants to be more complex than what I have in mind.

More than Human 

This is the title I will be going with for the fourth book of my space opera trilogy. 😝 It will be seventeen year later. Lots of changes and new ideas. Not to mention that they have made it in to space. Outline is already in progress and looking great! New characters and old!


New project in the works!

New project in the works!


I’m excited to be working on a collaborative project with my talented brother! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of our joined imagination. A new world with colorful characters and unique storyline. This will NOT hinder my own personal projects as it’s helping me with the small bit of writer’s block I’m trying to get over. Here’s to hoping that I get something done before the next year!

New ideas make new items….

New ideas make new items….

My hubby came across some styles that were very interesting and was wondering if I could include them in my work. I thought it was a fantastic idea and love the outcome. I’m so grateful for my very supportive husband. ❤️😍❤️

You can find all these and more at my NEW Facebook shop!





My mind has been expanding on my new world in ‘The Amulet ‘. There will be three books, each stand-alone stories and yet connected. I have already outlined each story and I am biting at the bit to get them started. Now if only I could take a break from my responsibilities to complete just one of them!

One cover down …!

From sketch to cover

Wonderlost’s new cover is complete! J. Petrenko did a wonderful job taking my sketching and making a beautiful cover.

I’m so happy with the outcome! She really took my drawing into the realm of fantasy. Thank you Wintercoco from Fiverr! Now to come up with the next cover ! 😁







The new cover

After some tinkering I decided on this cover. I’m digging it!😁