The Geranium Festival in May

I’m looking forward to the summer! I will have time to do more festivals and book conventions. Not to mention lots of mommy and son time. 😁 The Geranium Festival is coming up soon and I’m excited to see how my new stuff sells. I’m finally using the unique beads I’ve collected and created some pretty nice necklaces and bracelets. Sea glass and lamp work beads, donut cut semi precious stones with wire wrapped accents.

Where the @&$# is Spring!?!

I went to Florida with my family for spring break, had a blast and then had to come back to fridgid Georgia. Talk about shock. I go from shorts and breezy shirts back to heavy coats and thermal underwear! Was NOT happy. Mostly because I had a festival to work the day after returning! Needless to say it was a bust. Who’s going to come out to freezing rain and chilling winds? I pushed through two days though and was inspired by several people while there. Met Zoey! She was freaking awesome!

I made them a while back but I haven’t really pushed them.

This is Zoey, she and her daughter made the day for me.


I was doing some random cleaning and came across an old beat up box of my stuff. More proof of my issue of hoarding. Old books, jewelry, banana hair clips, and then my old portfolio! A monster of cracking pleather and dust. Proof that I never give up on story ideas. These drawings are dated from 1994 through 1997 🤭

I drew this!

These are a few of my sketches that I wanted to share. Concept ideas for covers or simply ideas to bring my characters to ‘life’. There will be more in the future. I enjoy playing around with my imagination and tend to prefer working in pen and newsprint.

Snippets & Sneak Peaks

Snippets & Sneak Peaks

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

Snippets and Sneak Peaks is a collection of random chapters and samples from an array of projects I have completed and currently working on. It has chapters from my urban fantasy series, my space opera trilogy, my epic fantasy series and eve samples from works that have yet to be classified! It’s only $.99 for an ecopy and $6 for the 65page paperback!

(and, no, I did not mistakenly put ‘peak’ instead of ‘peeks ‘.  The samples chosen take you to the peak of excitement for that section before moving on.)😁

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