The Amulet…

I’m in the last chapter of my time-slip trilogy! I’m so excited! I’ve saved up enough for editing and I can’t wait to finish! But I can’t rush it too much. HOE and all in mind but it’s got to be worded right.The first and second covers are complete, the third hit a snag and has to be revised. I’m not sure on exactly how I’m going to release the books, but I’m debating on two ways. Release the second and third two months after each other and then a fourth ‘complete collection‘ sometime in the middle of 2021. So you have a choice how to read it. In installments or all at once. Still debating. But I’m proud to have accomplished my goal of complete a series before the end of the year!

Nothing as planned….


Well, the summer is almost over and I have nothing to really show for it. I’ve done a lot of writing and drawing, but nothing has been completed or finished. Money has held the finalization of two of my projects hostage. But on the bright side that means I have time to fine tune my stories and I will see them completed by tax time. 😜 Doctor visits, Tae Kwon Do classes and two accidents can really throw your plans out of wack. But, I didn’t just sit on my thumbs and whine about it. I did get a lot of inspiration and a lot of writing done. My style of writing has changed a bit, I can even say matured. I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to see what the betas think of them.

Wonderlost 2: Reunions – A Gray Spring (tying up loose ends-book 3 of my Red Summer series) – these are the two main stories I’ve been working on. The shall hopefully be edited and published by April 2019!