Fairburn’s Fall Festival

Fairburn’s Fall Festival

October 5th. This Saturday. I’m gonna be selling my accessories and books! This will be the last function for the year. Next year I will try to do more book conventions.

The Amulet novella series is well on its way, but my final book for my Red Summer trilogy seems to have stalled out. Not happy about that. But I’m still writing, just the flow has slooooooooooowed down. 😅

Nothing as planned….


Well, the summer is almost over and I have nothing to really show for it. I’ve done a lot of writing and drawing, but nothing has been completed or finished. Money has held the finalization of two of my projects hostage. But on the bright side that means I have time to fine tune my stories and I will see them completed by tax time. 😜 Doctor visits, Tae Kwon Do classes and two accidents can really throw your plans out of wack. But, I didn’t just sit on my thumbs and whine about it. I did get a lot of inspiration and a lot of writing done. My style of writing has changed a bit, I can even say matured. I’m proud of myself and can’t wait to see what the betas think of them.

Wonderlost 2: Reunions – A Gray Spring (tying up loose ends-book 3 of my Red Summer series) – these are the two main stories I’ve been working on. The shall hopefully be edited and published by April 2019!

I’m determined…

I’m determined…

I REALLY want to be able to revamp my debut book. Red Summer is my baby and it needs a change, but money’s tight and time is too! Here’s some ideas I’m entertaining… while I continue to work on the third book of which I’ve finally decided on a title for. 😄

I’m still working on him, but this is supposed to be Jason.

Rita James, this is the sketch I’m sticking with

Wil. He’s still a work in progress, but he’s getting there.

The start of the silhouette of big bad Bobby. I’m attempting to create a book trailer from my sketches, got a lot more drawing to do!

Playing around with the Paint program on my computer. It came out better than I thought.