Happy birthday to me …!

The month of March is going well. Beginning with my mom’s birthday and then my own. My hubby is so sweeeeeet! I love him VERY much. Anyway, the taxes are done, the emissions and tags are taken care of. I have a Festival on the 16th (Yellow Pollen Festival in Hampton, Ga.) and a Con on the 30th (Onyxcon at Wolfcreek). I’m still not used to them so the nerves are growing. But I’m looking forward to them. I’m also racing to complete at least two books this year. I simply haven’t decided which two.?. But I’ve saved money for the editing and their covers! I’m very excited.

Started doing earrings, they came out well!
More earrings
Then something told me to mess around with some beads.
This came out much better than I imagined it.
I got the hang of tightening that wire, very impressed with myself!