It’s April.

On top of my computer dying a violent and horrific death, six new tires and  a new tune up later. I am sick. The Pollen here in Georgia is deadly. I haven’t had a voice for almost two weeks. But I’m writing! Just not on what I wanted. I had planned to finish Gray Spring first, but it’s hard to force the ideas to come out. The Amulet is flowing nicely and an actual ending to it is truly in sight, so I’ll continue it for the time being. The problem is that money? For the editing? I’m gonna have to come up with something quick and that’s depressing. I got the idea of posting it as a serial, maybe. One chapter each week … still haven’t decided, but that’s if the money doesn’t come through. I’m looking forward to seeing this finally coming to an end, but nervous about everything else. We’ll see ….